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Copy Writing for Websites by Copy Writers

Good copy is clear, to-the-point and presented in an easy-to-read form. There are far too many websites online which fail to meet these criteria. If you are not a professional copy writer, why waste your time writing copy only to end up with a less-than-perfect result? Whether you want original copy or your existing copy made more readable, we will ensure that your copy communicates effectively, is well-presented, and is focussed on your audience.

One of the most common online errors is to overload a web page with irrelevant information.  Good online copy  both focuses on the user's needs and is optimized for search engine friendliness.  Getting this balance right requires experience and know-how.

It may not be only your website that needs the skills of a professional business writer. We also provide content editing and proof-reading services for all print and electronic copy at very affordable prices.

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