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Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

As 25%-33% of all web searches are now made via mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets and the proportion is growing all businesses need to address this shift in end-user behaviour. It’s not just about having a mobile-friendly websites with responsive design that automatically adjusts to a variety of screens across multiple mobile platforms.  It’s also about matching the needs and expectations of visitors to your website for the rapid delivery of clear and concisely presented information.  

Your website may have a good search engine ranking but in today's environment websites that have been designed for desktop and even laptop viewing and that are cluttered with graphics, images and text that require a lot of scrolling are simply going to be pushed aside in favour of simpler designs that speak directly to the users’ needs.  If you are paying good money for search engine optimization you want to make sure that visitors are not simply skipping your website because it does not display properly on their screens.

At Devolution Web Design we take special care to ensure not only that your website displays correctly on mobile devices but that your brand and products and services are presented clearly and with a strong call-to-action.  

Having a mobile-friendly website is not expensive but not having one is costing you money. So why wait?

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