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Search Engine Optimization, Melbourne

Devolution has the tools to ensure that your website gets that sought-after ranking and finds the right audience for your business. More commonly than not search engine optimization is something that needs to be done after a site has been designed and delivered but with all Devolution websites are designed and built with search engine rankings in mind.  

Search engine optimization is not one-off job because search engine criteria (and here we mean Google)  regularly change their ranking criteria whilst, of course, your competitors will try to better any strategy that you try to achieve a high ranking. For many small business this presents a real cost as Search engine optimization does not come cheaply.

Not only do we deliver your site properly optimized but we give you the tools to enable you to maintain your rankings through meta-data and content optimization in the ongoing process of gaining a Page 1 Google ranking,

If you already have a web site but it is not bringing you any business how do we go about improving your search engine ranking?

1. We make it our business to understand your target audience and your marketing objectives.

2. We analyse your site to generate the optimum set of keywords and phrases for the product of service you are offering to that audience.

3. If necessary, we make recommendations for enhancing your web pages, including changes to layout and content. We can make these changes for you or you can opt to have your web designer do them for you.

4. Once your website has been optimized and submitted, or re-submitted, to the search engines we monitor its performance. As this is a function of each search engine or directory's internal procedures we report on your website's performance after 3 months, at which time you can elect to undertake further optimisation.

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